Seagate ST4000VN006 IronWolf 3.5" 4TB

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Seagate ST4000VN006 IronWolf 3.5" 4TB

["FREE DELIVERY"] - Seagate ST4000VN006 IronWolf 3.5" 4TB Internal Hard Drive (CMR), 6Gb/s 256MB, 5400 rpm, 24-hour Operation, For PC NAS - ST4000VN006

  • S$173.00

Product Description

  • IronWolf™ is designed for everything NAS. Get used to tough, ready, and scalable 24×7 performance that can handle multi-drive environments across a wide range of capacities.
  • NAS-optimised hard drive for the best-possible user experience
  • IronWolf Health Management in QNAP, Synology NAS continuously helps to safeguard the health of your data
  • Actively protect your NAS with IronWolf Health Management focusing on prevention, intervention, and recovery.
  • IronWolf can handle the vibrations and high workload rates of a high-data network within a multi-bay NAS environment.
  • Drive balance with Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors manage multi-bay vibration for long-term consistent performance and reliability
  • RAID performance optimised that maximises responsiveness and uptime with NAS-aware Error Recovery Control
  • Advanced power management saves energy and delivers the right power at the right time


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